Saturday, January 31, 2009

What is Psychic Number and Destiny Number?

People have been asking me about psychic and destiny number. In this post I will explain the significance of Psychic and Destiny number. Say for instance Salman Khan's date of birth is 27-12-1965. Here his psychic number is 9 which is 2+7. Psychic number is the total of the date of birth, just the date. And the destiny number is the total of the full date of birth i.e. date, month and year. So the destiny number of Salman Khan is 2+7+1+2+1+9+6+5=33=3+3=6. Number 9, his psychic number is what he is or the way he feels and takes life as. Few characteristics of Number 9 people are that they are aggressive, short tempered and have a lot of energy in them. Also as Cheiro says Number 9 people have their greatest dangers arise from foolhardiness and impulsiveness in word and action. Now we know that our Macho Man is like that. He has been in the limelight for wrong reasons. But also Number 9 people may look hot from outside but from inside they are very soft. Now let's talk about his destiny number. Number 6 destiny number takes people towards luxuries and opposite sex as it is the number of Venus. We have been seeing our Khan involved in a lot of affairs and getting defamed because of that. Also Number 6 is an excellent number for a career in bollywood. 
Anyways this is what a psychic number destiny says about a person but the secret of this concept is something else. Psychic number is what we are and destiny number is what others see us as. Now again if we take an example of Salman Khan, Number 9 is what he is and Number 6 is what people see him as. He is good by heart, a true lover but impulsive as well. Due to his impulsiveness and aggresiveness he does things in public which ruins his image. Number 9 as a psychic number is good but number 6 as a destiny number is not great. So although he is a genuine person, people consider him as a flirt who comes in the limelight for wrong reasons. So in short psychic number is what you are and destiny number is what people see you as. 


micky said...

Thanks for info on phsycic and destiny numbers

Could u also explain the relationship between Physcic, Destiny and Name Number


ruchi said...

wt is name number...

my date of birth is third june - 1982..
so my psychic number is 3 and destiny number is 2... can u please tell me the relation between my psychic and destiny number... also name number...


Rrohit Singaanya said...

Sure will do, in a day or two.